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 Coming soon our new video on the process of finding a Russian wife

Russian Women Russia an adventuresome traveler's dream. In the last few years, the Russian government has opened up enormous areas that for decades have been closed to virtually all human visitation.  .  Here is good information sent to me by Robert foster thanks Robert this is good info.

To Master Hughes
In the last 5 years, the number of marriage agencies targeting American men for Russian brides has increased 100 times.  Go to jimslists.com and just check out his white list, and black list, and you will see what I mean.  So, obviously there is a demand for it.  I could write a book on all that I have encountered, but most of the problems you relate in your Philippine video about scams is exactly true in Russia-Ukraine.  They think every American is rich and a sucker to be taken. 
The biggest problem is the contact info from the girl to know that you are dealing with the right girl.  This is difficult for several reasons.  The IMBRA (International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act) signed by Bush in 2006 means a girl can not give out her contact info through an agency until the American man has a criminal background check.  This stupid law was passed to stop sex trafficking, which in the Ukraine along with Thailand is the number one place organized crime lures girls with jobs and abducts them into sex slavery.  There is no sex trafficking of Ukraine girls in the US, so it just gave all the crooked agencies reasons to keep the American from dealing with the girl directly.  The agency does not want the American to have direct contact.  They want to be the middle man involved to get money.  Set up phone conversations, tours, hotels, interpreters, and on and on.  Even if you get the girls  email, the IP address may show she is in Russia, but a girl in Siberia will likely say she is in Moscow, because she knows no American will travel to Siberia.  Similar with the telephone.  All land phones have city codes, but all the girls in Russia-Ukraine now use mob phones, so you can not tell from their phone number where she really lives.  Many have gmail.com addresses which means they could be anywhere.  The stupid ones will have a yahoo.com.  Yahoo is not in Russia because yahoo makes money on advertising.  Russian-Ukraine girls have no computers, and resort to internet cafes or a few have access to one at work.  Those few that have yahoo, will have yahoo.ru for Russia, or yahoo.ua for Ukraine if legit.  The free dating sites, the most notorious, datemefree.org, lets the girls give out everything, but 99 percent of the girls are romance scammers.  This is what I do not understand.  Every American knows not to send money.  Also, that no girl can fly to the US immediately if provided with plane fare.  This scam worked before 2000, but not now,  The girls rarely ask for money, they just waste your time, with form letters and for some it is a big game.  Like some of the Philippine girls I let on messenger; they have nothing to say and it their video game. 
The girls on loveme.com are real.  They are under the corporate umbrella of A foreign Affair.  But I can not get her phone number or email.  All letters go through them to be translated or censured.   So the big problem simply is this: it is very difficult to get directly to the girl.  Marriage agencies are about money, not marriage.   Those that give out the contact info say if you pass the IMBRA law, and the girl is willing, we will give you her phone number.   What you usually get from the girl or agency is, "I want to know you better first."  Translation: we want more emails so you have to keep charging your credit card for the translations. The Ukraine and Russian based agencies not subject to IMBRA are mostly dishonest.  You are most likely getting letters from a girl that exists, but she is not writing you.  Some one in the office is.  If you phone the number given, you probably are talking to a girl hired to impersonate the girl.  Girls on myspace from the Ukraine good in English have told me that they could do this and make money but do not want to.  The agencis know Americans see these pretty girls and write, but few ever visit.  Therefore, they have no worry.