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 I'm Master Hughes I live in Houston Texas and guys contact me all the time because there interested in Philippine girls. If your considering going to the Philippines to meet Philippine girls  maybe in Cebu or Manila, or marrying a foreign wife you need to see these videos . I have been there and done it I know the good things and the bad things about Philippine or Cebu girls.

You  can find a honest wife overseas  , but the common problem with men who became victims is they used information provided by dating web sites . I've been there and know all about it.

Know what your getting into and how to find some one and avoid the scams.

My video will tell you more about the Philippine culture and How Philippine scammers work so you can avoid them and hopefully find the girl of your dreams. Philippine girls are also called Filipina girls or pinoys

You have to understand the culture.Philippine girls

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Video 1 How to find a Philippine wife ,or spot a scammer, contains information on the Philippine culture, how scammers work travel tips and more.49.95 plus ship and handling 5.95

Our video on "How to find a Philippine wife" comes with tips to stop scammers, cultural tips and great advice. One man wrote I wished I had seen your video before I sent 500 to the Philippines girl that was writing me.

Here is what one man wrote "Quote From Michael Lendzian  I found your excellent website online while searching for information, your words ring home about these women. Thank you Master Hughes for your website.