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The Thai wedding ceremony is unique. It used to be more complex with lots of steps. Presently, it has been modified to be more modern and less complex.
Usually, we will have a Monk Blessing as is the Buddhism custom at the house of the bride or the bridegroom (which will be the place for the event) in the morning. After that, there will be marriage registration

Wedding with foreigners You'll find prejudice in most of the Asian countries

Thai women who marry Westerners are now being looked up to, instead of down at but prejudice still exists.

Conservative status
Many Thai people has a bad image of weddings between Thai women and foreigner men. Still many Thai people think wrongly that foreigners only marry bar girls. When walking in the street with a Thai woman, such Thai sentences as "You don't like soup rice anymore but ham and eggs instead" or "Hey little sister, Thai shall help Thai, help us to take profit of the money of this foreigner" can be heard.
To Thais, especially in rural areas, a commonly held prejudice of a Thai woman walking with a Westerner is that the woman must be in the sex industry and the man her customer. It might be grossly unfair, but that is the perceived wisdom.
 being a mia farang  as they call it has it burdens. Some have to tolerate insults, all have to bear a certain stigma. But the reality behind marrying outside their culture is the economic and social advantages it brings to the country.

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