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How to file for the k1 Visa

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The K 1 DVD will work for  a fiancé from any country but includes specific information for those bring over a Philippine fiancé.

 We have the only video   on the k1vsa process, That includes information on the visa process in the Philippines that you need to know and  tips on safety and security when bringing over a foreign wife. No other k 1 visa video provides this information  also by buying the video on How to find a Philippine wife  you will know more about the culture and customs.

I'm located in Houston Texas. If your considering going to the Philippines to meet Philippine girls  maybe in Cebu or Manila or marrying a foreign wife get The dvd tells you how to get the free k1 visa packet. tells you what documents you may need and tells you about what Philippine girls may have to deal with if your going to bring over a Philippine girls . You  can find a honest wife overseas  , but the common problem with men who became victims ,is they used information provided by dating web sites . I've been there and know all about it.

Know what your getting into and how to find some one and avoid the scams.

Master Hughes is well known for his expertise holding 7 commendations for his activities he has worked with numerous individuals involved in internet dating fraud or marriage fraud. Having traveled to the Philippines with ten years experience with the Philippine culture he is working with men globally to promote safer dating worldwide and to prevent marriage fraud by Philippine women. through the years he has handled numerous safety security programs. Having been so effective he has even received threatening emails from scammers.

Videong emails from scammers.

Video 1 How to find a Philippine wife ,or spot a scammer, contains information on the Philippine culture, how scammers work travel tips and more.49.95 plus ship and handling 5.95

Our video on "How to find a Philippine wife" comes with tips to stop scammers, cultural tips and great advice. One man wrote I wished I had seen your video before I sent 500 to the Philippines girl that was writing me.