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Chinese women

Under a 1995 law people with aids may be barred from marrying.

Where once it was not proper to divorce. How quickly things have changed! In the 1990s, the divorce rate became much higher than ever and to get a divorce became much easier and simpler.

Social Etiquette

The Chinese are naturally hospitable and China has been called “the country of etiquette”. In daily social dealings, etiquette is a must.

In some places, it is taboo to use these articles as gifts: handkerchief, scissors, umbrella, and clock.

Wedding practices: The six courtesies are: the marriage proposal, asking for names, praying for good fortune, sending betrothal gifts, extending invitations and welcoming the bride. Most modern Chinese couples now marry at their own free will and adopt Western practices, but they still retain some traditions, such as offering tea to their parents.

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